What we do


If you don’t drive your business,
you will be driven out of business

B.C. Forbes

Since you’re in it to win it, analyzing and steering your business is key. Online marketing strategies and execution work the same way. Planning and execution, if done right, lead to growth. In order to optimize your ROI we gather data and measure the impact of the online marketing efforts with a clear KPI analysis.

Bottom line: We execute, test, optimize, and steer your online marketing strategy to maximize your ROI.

  1. Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

    SEA is paid advertising to increase webtraffic by creating ads for your keywords. SEA is complex and needs proven expertise to be successful. Our team sets up these campaigns, executes, gathers data and steers your campaigns to obtain an optimized ROI on ad spending.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search marketing is about being there when the consumer needs you. Search Engine Optimization is your brand’s organic visibility. As social media relies on high-quality content, the effort you spend on SEO can positively improve your social media reach and your social presence can increase your search ranking. Our cross-channel approach and expertise, and advanced analytics help to make sure brands meet consumers when and where they need them.

    We undertake a comprehensive SEO audit and analyse your website, your content pages, landing pages, product pages, and identify what is currently working and what can work better. We provide you a customized “to do” list to improve SEO for all your content. We also make suggestions for internal links, CTAs and other opportunities. All the recommendations will enable you to increase the ranking of your website.

  3. Social Advertising Campaigns

    Creating efficient Social Media Advertising Campaigns requires a strong expertise of each platform’s features and functionalities. The goal is to define the right combination of creativity and text with the relevant targeting, ad format, placement and bidding strategy to reach the right audience and optimize your ROI. We start from your objectives and define the media mix that will help you to reach your goals regardless the platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.). The result is, social media advertising that has a direction with measurable objectives that can easily be analysed and steered.

  4. Dashboarding & Reporting

    We finetune your SEO efforts with keyword rankings, social signals, Google Analytics data, linking data and competitor information all from one dashboard. We will give you access to your account and provide you with a monthly reporting dashboard with KPI’s relevant to your case.


A goal without
a plan is just a wish

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We define your custom strategy to plan and reach your (online) marketing objectives. We advize and share our know-how & know-why. A skilled team of professionals takes care of business.

After analysing your current (online) business we break down your custom online marketing strategy proposal into 5 blocks:

  1. Online Advertising Strategy

    We define your SEA strategy in terms of target audience, devices, keywords, geography, which channels to target, etc.

  2. Social Media Strategy

    We’re a big believer in community building. The goal is to get your brand and message out there through a custmer centric, relevant and entertaining social media marketing strategy. Online word-of-mouth through a community that promotes your brand. Isn’t this fantastic?

  3. Content Marketing Strategy

    A 360° online marketing strategy can’t exist without relevant content. Unique content is the true creator of added value for your brand. We take care of business with the best copywriters and creative geniuses in the bizz!
    We consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) part of this stage.

  4. E-mail Marketing Strategy

    Keeping customers, subscribers, and prospects informed is key. Customer conversion and retention is our main objective.

  5. Offline Marketing Strategy

    In the age of omni-channel marketing strategies, offline marketing strategy is not to be forgotten.


Vision without execution
is hallucination.

Thomas A. Edison

Once we set up your online marketing strategy it’s time to build, execute, and get your message out there. With your online marketing strategy playbook ready we get down to business and execute your 360° online marketing strategy.

  1. SEA Setup & Management

    We execute the technical side of the SEA setup. Creating different campagnes and analytics tools.

  2. Social Media Accountmanagement

    We set up the foundation of your social media campaigns integrating and feeding Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. accounts

  3. Content Creation

    We help write and source the relevant content your business needs, add value to it, and present it to your audience in the best channel in the right format at the right time!

  4. Mailing Setup

    We set up your mailing accounts, build relevant lay-outs and get them out there at the right frequency.

  5. Web & Mobile Development

    We develop and/ or optimize your website/ webshop to optimize user experience and drive conversion.